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Residential, Commercial & Industrial Asbestos Testing, Removal & Abatement Specialist Licensed in Illinois & Missouri

Abatement Management, Inc., also known as AMI Environmental Services, is one of the oldest asbestos abatement firms in the St. Louis, Missouri area, incorporated in 1989, just after the EPA’s asbestos regulations went into effect. Our long history in this ever changing environmental remediation industry has put us among the top firms in the entire country for longevity and client retention.

The asbestos abatement process removes or contains the dangerous asbestos containing or contaminated materials that are at risk for releasing asbestos fibers into the air that we breathe. The United States EPA requires that any upcoming renovation or demolition must be tested for the dangerous materials before starting, and then properly report any asbestos materials that were discovered, so the materials can be managed properly before the upcoming renovation or demolition. Although EPA regulations are different for occupied homes, any damaged asbestos containing materials may release fibers into the air in your home, you should always have your home inspected for asbestos containing materials, to know what building materials in your home contain asbestos. Contact Abatement Management, Inc. (AMI) for more information and pricing on our testing and inspection services.

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Abatement Management, Inc. (AMI Environmental Service) always offers FREE estimates to potential clients looking to have asbestos abatement work done on their residence or commercial facility, or for budgeting purposes for a future renovation or remodel. Our experienced estimators will help develop the best, most cost-effective method of remediation that is customized to your needs.